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Baptize the Bird

NAshville-Style hot CHICKEN


Hotville Chicken sets KCAL9 News set on fire with Nashville Hot Chicken promoting the Taste of Soul LA coming this Saturday, October 20 from 10am - 7pm.


We have since been dubbed the #1 at the 2017 LA Food Fest and made Eater LA's Top 18 Killer Fried Chicken Stops in Los Angeles.  


Nashville-Style HOT Chicken is a spicy yet savory experience served by the family that started it all. Kim Prince, Owner of Hotville Chicken, a popup, invites all you "Heat Seekers" to experience her fiery fowl, brined to burn. It's fried chicken, and yes, it's HOT!! Complimented by southern side dishes, thirst quenching drinks, and sweet desserts made from scratch. It's a taste of Nashville, right here in LA.



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